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Propane Cylinders

Forklift Propane provides propane cylinders and cylinder exchange services to businesses all over the US. With both aluminum and steel options, we sell new and used cylinders that are used for manufacturing, construction sites, food trucks, and more.

Each of our fifteen locations is locally owned to provide you with the best customer service and 24/7 support. We also offer onsite propane storage solutions: our lockable steel cylinder storage racks come in three different sizes and are built to exceed OSHA safety guidelines. We’ll ensure your propane gas cylinders are filled and that your facilities are safe, so you can focus on what you do best.

Aluminum Propane Cylinders

Aluminum forklift cylinders are constructed with the highest standard of manufacturing quality aluminum, durable and lightweight to provide years of dependable and safe service.

Aluminum Propane Tank Specifications

Propane Tank Size

33.5-lb Aluminum Cylinder (New) - Out of Stock

33.5-lb Aluminum Cylinder (Used)


7.9 Gallons

7.9 Gallons

Price per Cylinder




Steel Propane Cylinders

Steel cylinders are engineered for rugged use and are damage resistant. They provide superior durability and are manufactured to the specifications established by the Department of Transportation. Steel cylinders are commonly used for construction site heating, roofers, caterers, patio heating, and more.

Propane Tank Size Capacity Price per Cylinder
33.5-lb Steel Cylinder  7.9 Gallons $149
20-lb Steel Gas Grill Cylinder (Used) 4 Gallons $55
30-lb Steel Vapor Cylinder (New) 6 Gallons $129
40-lb Steel Vapor Cylinder (New) 8 Gallons $169
40-lb Steel Vapor Cylinder (Used) 8 Gallons $129
60-lb Steep Vapor Cylinder 12 Gallons $260
100-lb Steel Vapor Cylinder (Used) 23 Gallons $199



Buy New & Used Propane Cylinders

Forklift Propane Exchange is a trusted propane supplier with 15 locations in 13 states. For pricing or to learn more about our forklift propane tank exchange service, contact us today!


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